Indie Fall Fest

It’s Triple Treat Monday!

TripleTreatMondayTreat 1: Travel Glasses is .99 today for Kindle, Nook and iBooks!

Treat 2: Win one of five Travel Glasses ebooks in the Indie Fall Fest giveaway!

Treat 3: Guest blog a frabble! A wha—what?

A frabble is a tiny fable written in the style of a drabble, a complete story using 100 words. I use mainly animal characters in my frabbles, but nearly anything can be humanized. Think flowers, toys, books… The possibilities are endless.

If you want to guest blog a frabble, send your completed frabble to I post frabbles on my flash fiction blog on Frabble Fridays. Just remember to keep the language and subject matter clean, use only 100 words and have fun!

Gearing Up for Indie Fall Fest

Indie Fall Fest is coming soon! I’ll post an update when the official dates are announced. There will be giveaways, author interviews, creative writing features and other writing fun by and about indie authors. I’m excited to participate in the event which will be run by Kristen at Pretty Little Pages and author Kira Adams. Kristen was the first blogger to interview me just after the release of Travel Glasses. Imagine how excited I was—an unknown newbie author with a book I’d been dying to share with others—to be asked to be interviewed! Not only that, but Kristen used the interview as her blog’s very first Pretty Little Indies post. When I received the invitation to participate in Indie Fall Fest, I couldn’t help but accept right away. I look forward to the festivities!