Indie Book Club

Help me find the aces. ♣ ♥ ♠ ◆

yaces-profileYAces is an indie young adult book club that went up on Goodreads yesterday.

Join us for monthly group reads featuring books by YA indie authors! The focus will be on fiction of various genres including fantasy, science fiction, and contemporary books, but nonfiction suggestions are also welcome.

We expect to begin the first group read in early March. Nominations are now open.

I’ve started this group for a couple reasons. First, I’m grateful because my books have been featured as group and buddy reads in multiple Goodreads groups. Second, who doesn’t like book clubs? I love reading in a group setting and would like to see more indie authors get discovered this way.

Help me find the hidden gems, the aces.


March Metafiction

The Goodreads Indie Book Club is reading Travel Glasses and Magic-Price this month! Book discussions and author Q&As are set up. I’m almost as excited to talk about Travel Glasses’ use of metafiction as I am about discussing its methods of time travel.

Stop by and say hello. All are welcome!