It’s Triple Treat Monday!

TripleTreatMondayTreat 1: Travel Glasses is .99 today for Kindle, Nook and iBooks!

Treat 2: Win one of five Travel Glasses ebooks in the Indie Fall Fest giveaway!

Treat 3: Guest blog a frabble! A wha—what?

A frabble is a tiny fable written in the style of a drabble, a complete story using 100 words. I use mainly animal characters in my frabbles, but nearly anything can be humanized. Think flowers, toys, books… The possibilities are endless.

If you want to guest blog a frabble, send your completed frabble to I post frabbles on my flash fiction blog on Frabble Fridays. Just remember to keep the language and subject matter clean, use only 100 words and have fun!

Pins and Frabbles

Last week was a week of crazy ideas resulting in a Pinterest account and a Frabbles section on my flash fiction blog. Photos and graphics relating to Visitors from the Past, Wonkapunkland and Frabbles are now all in one place. Huzzah! But what is a frabble? A frabble is what I like to call a fable written in the style of a 100 word drabble. Check out my first attempt, The Fawn and the Hawk, at Flash Fiction Magazine.