Each author provides a different perspective on writing and storytelling as well as his or her approach to publishing. Interviewees range from first time authors to seasoned pen wielders. Some are self-published, while others prefer their works to be picked up by publishing companies. All of these authors have been featured on my blog. I hope you enjoy their journeys.

SBW TalkBooks Interviews

Betty Auchard
David F. Snider
Robert Balmanno
Mark Gelineau & Joe King
Valerie Estelle Frankel
Liz Newman
Valerie Lee
Chess Desalls
R.L. King
Doctor Jac
Marjorie Bicknell Johnson

Additional Author Interviews

D.M. Cain
Christina McMullen

Interviews of Chess Desalls

Realm Explorers
Peachy’s Insights
Adan Ramie’s Spotlight Saturday
Dr. Jac Fitzenz
Plaisted Publishing House
Speculative Fiction Cantina (radio show)
Drea Damara, author
Literary Breadcrumbs
Clean Indie Reads
The Cinemarks
Because Reading is better than real life
Book Snatch
Debra’s Book Cafe
Pretty Little Pages

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