Darker Stars BETA

Travel talents have evolved far past what the Time and Space Travel Agency imagined, leaving it unable to keep travelers under their control. Silvie Hall is a descendant of Chascadia, Aboreal, and an ancient Earth. The Remnant Transporter talent flows through her blood, giving her the ability to transport silhouettes from different times and places to help heal lost loved ones. But will it be enough to stop the darker talents that threaten her legacy and her home?

(c) 2017 Czidor Lore, LLC, all rights reserved.

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Table of Contents*


Chapter 1 Legacy

Chapter 2

Chapter 3 Edgar

Chapter 4

Chapter 5 Healer

Chapter 6

Chapter 7 Talents

Chapter 8

Chapter 9 Memory

Chapter 10

Chapter 11 Travel

Chapter 12

*If the link doesn’t work that means the chapter post has been scheduled but it hasn’t been published or updated yet. Two chapters are going up per week, including the prologue. More to come soon!