Books by Chess Desalls

The Call to Search Everywhen, YA time travel series


“The concept is very imaginative and well-defined… In spite of the sci-fi fantasy theme, the notion of love and trust in Travel Glasses made quite an impression on me.” Readers’ Favorite, Lit Amri

“This was a refreshing deviation from the plug any date into a time travel machine and push a button approach of time travel seen in so many other novels.” YA Love Magazine


“Book Two does not disappoint. This is another enjoyable read from Desalls.” –Readers’ Favorite, Lit Amri

“Featuring solid prose and an entertaining premise, this book will appeal to fans of the series.” –The BookLife Prize in Fiction

Anthologies that include short fiction by Chess Desalls

YAanthologyFINALmed A Friend in Need time travel mashup cover

Ebook Novellas

wrappedpast-desalls-ebookweb Glistens medium ebook cover

“Lantern is a ghostly tale with a difference which I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend.” –Readers’ Favorite, Hilary Hawkes

“Chess Desalls writes a fun modern take on the fairies we know….Glistens have a lot of heart and humor.” Readers’ Favorite, Liz Konkel



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