Anthology Stories

Darkness Echoes E-Book CoverDarkness Echoes

Six spooky YA tales, fun for all times of the year!

“Lantern” by Chess Desalls: Five days before Halloween, all sixteen-year-old Tori has on her mind is vacationing with her family and scoring lots of candy. Her grandmother’s estate, with its Gothic spires and trails that lead out to the woods, holds an unexpected secret: a lantern that lights up for Tori and nobody else. Certain that it’s a ghost or a prank, she investigates further and discovers a mysterious life that shines in the darkness.

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Awethology Light CoverAwethology Light

A collection of short stories and poems by multiple creatives.

“Queen of the Small Seas” by Chess Desalls: A baby from an enchanted island gets stolen by pirates. Sixteen years later, she discovers that the ruffians who’d raised her hadn’t been the first to take her away from her family and the life she was meant to lead.

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