Teardrop Moons—Chapter 1

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A new thief is born.

Time travel objects are missing, and Chascadians are being blamed.
Silvie’s legacy and family reputation are at stake.
Will she be able to find and stop who’s responsible?
And will it be enough to convince the worlds?


Hearts Apart

“I’m sorry,” I told Sloe. “I guess you don’t travel to Aboreal much anymore.”

“Not since Raven stopped talking to me.”

“That’s sad.” I meant what I said, too. Part of me might have been jealous if Sloe were still seeing his ex-girlfriend, but I accepted their friendship. They’d known each other for a long time.

I also wasn’t sure what he and I were to each other. Or what we’d become.

Sloe sighed. His lovely lavender eyes lowered. “I didn’t mean to have her out of my life completely. So it was her choice, not mine.”

“I guess you can’t force someone to talk to you.”

“Or visit.”

Or like you, I thought. I reached out with my healing talent moments before my hand brushed his shoulder. I sprang back when he shook his head.

“Sorry,” I said. “Reflexive habit.”

“I know. See you tomorrow?”

“Only if you want to. I’ll be at the hospital all day. Javis has taken on extra studies—more lessons from Father, actually. They’ve been busy. Seems like they’re growing closer, too.”

“That’s good,” he mumbled. “Thanks, Silvie.”

I smiled and waved good-bye, all while keeping my distance. The last thing I wanted was another awkward hug or peck on the cheek. It had been a long time since Sloe had kissed me. And no matter how hurt he seemed, he dodged my attempts to heal him.

All he wanted to do was sit around and talk, which usually meant moping about Raven.

He insisted on seeing me every day. Was he lonely without her? Or, maybe, he simply didn’t want to be alone. I wondered if he still feared Yannan and the cloaked men. I hadn’t heard much about them in a long time. I’d assumed the TSTA had taken care of them—charged them with whatever they could come up with, and that they were prisoners for life.

At one time, a convicted traveler with a travel talent had two choices—pay a ridiculously expensive fine or go on a dangerous travel mission to seek the Lost. Prison was only an option for those without a travel talent. Or so my Father told me.

Times had changed.

Travel talents evolved and the use of unofficial objects had become so prevalent that it was difficult to tell who was a traveler with travel talents and who was not. Someone basically had to admit to not having a travel talent.

Oftentimes, such an admission was made with shame.

* * *

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