Teardrop Moons—Previews Start Now!

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A new thief is born.

Time travel objects are missing, and Chascadians are being blamed.
Silvie’s legacy and family reputation are at stake.
Will she be able to find and stop who’s responsible?
And will it be enough to convince the worlds?


The hooded man stretched forward and settled on one knee. His left hand rested on the light golden fur of a canine not born of Earth.

“Eurig, my girl. Welcome home.”

The dog whimpered and lowered her head on the man’s knee. She looked up at him with eyes that shined with the silver pallor of the moon. She nuzzled the hem of his hood, lifting it with her muzzle until her eyes met his, and then howled.

“I know it is appalling,” he said. “But you must get used to my new voice.”

The hooded man rubbed his palm across Eurig’s throat. “Yannan has only damaged mine; he took yours away completely.”

“But she can still talk to you with her eyes, right? Her voice drops into your head. I’ve heard it. So creepy.”

The hooded man tilted his head to face the young woman who’d spoken. He sniffed. She wore a hood resembling that worn by the man. A reddish one, or rather dark rose, attached to a cloak that hung across her shoulders and back. The hem of the hood fell along her upper lip.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to answer me. Now that you’ve got what you wanted.” She held out a hand. “You promised me payment. My price is either an unofficial travel object or lessons—you pick.”

“I have no travel object.”

“So, lessons.”

“What is it that you want, girl?”

Her lips pulled into a grin as she stepped toward him.

“Teach me how to become a traveler like you. By cheating time.”

* * *

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Read the beginning of Silvie’s story in Darker Stars (The Song of Everywhen, #1)

Read the beginning of Calla’s story in Travel Glasses (The Call to Search Everywhen, #1)


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