Short Fiction on the Move!

Individual accounts soon will no longer be available on Flash Fiction Magazine. I’m sad to go, but grateful for the time I’ve been allowed to share my stories there. Please continue to follow my free short fiction on Wattpad. Here are some recent uploads!


  1. I wish I could get on wattpad, but the account activation process is not accessible to blind people because you have to use your mouse to select the stories you want to read. unfortunately, screen reader users like myself aren’t able to click on the stories we want to read. It would be helpful if we could use the space bar to check the apropriate checkboxes instead of having to use the mouse. I’m not trying to discourage you from using whattpad, All I’m saying is that I too would love to pub my writing on wattpad to get reader feedback I feel that sites like these should be accessible to all writers and readers no matter whether they have a disability or not. This is my bit of advocacy for the day. I wish you luck with your stories on wattpad. Ann

  2. Good information. I didn’t know that, and it’s a huge bummer. The prior flash fiction blog from where the stories are being transferred is a WordPress site, which was great.

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