New Flash Fiction!

I just posted a new flash fiction piece titled Needles. Here’s a sneak peek:

Monday, Oct. 27, 2014

Jan fled for her life, all because of a scarf.

Friday, Oct. 3, 2014

Clack-ting, swoosh. Clack-ting, swoosh.

Jan turned down the volume and zoomed in on the visuals. Her mobile investigation unit (aka Street Van) was cramped and poorly ventilated. She sucked in a breath as she peered at the monitor.

Carny was at it again. Making that thing with knitting needles.

She zoomed in closer. “Size 7,” she whispered. “Shiny pink needles, rusted at the tips.”

Clack-ting, swoosh.

Man, how she hated the metallic ring of each stitch. Worse yet was the sliding of the fabric that grated along edge of the metal, like dragging a string of yarn through her teeth. It was enough to make her goose bumps sprout goose bumps of their own.

Jan deadened the sound and squinted. Six months in and he was still working on the same project. If only she could get her hands on it. Then she’d have proof.

There’d been a series of murders in the area. Every fiber of Jan’s being twitched, knowing Carny was involved. But all she’d ever seen him do was knit. What was she supposed to tell the judge? That there was probable cause he’d created the ugliest scarf she’d ever seen?

Ugly it was, but not enough for a warrant. Jan rubbed her forehead as she watched Carny continue stitching with thick, nimble fingers. His grisly red beard brushed the fabric when he leaned in to inspect his work. Jan bristled, imagining how awful the colors must have looked in person. From what she could see, the scarf was mud-colored, with no discernable pattern, save the haphazard striping of pale yellow, black and gray.

A red light pulsed from the corner of her desk, signaling 11:00 pm. Jan yawned, ready to relocate to the front of the Street Van and drive home.

But something caught her eye.

Read the rest of the story for free on my Flash Fiction Blog.



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