New Flash Fiction Post!

Hi there! Are ‘ewe’ ready for more flash fiction? Sorry, that was baaaad! OK, enough. I just posted a new story, Counting Sheep, on my flash fiction blog! Here is a preview:

I entered Sheep World through the real world on a sunny afternoon.

Crossing my legs in front of me, I leaned back against a tree. Fluffy gray-white balls of wool lazily sauntered past me, some stopping to sample the grass before continuing on their way, others intent on following the single-file line up ahead. I counted sixteen sheep, all of identical size and color, wondering whether this year’s flock had a black sheep, an animal unique among the rest.

My mouth stretched into a yawn. Three more sheep, soft and ordinary, passed by—seventeen, eighteen and nineteen—before my counting took a turn for the worse. The black sheep never showed. A red one did. Its scarlet fleece curled like a barrister’s wig and shined like the sun.

I squinted and pulled my cap down to the tip of my nose. Was it a trick of the eye? Surely the sun hadn’t brightened as the afternoon wore on. I lowered my eyes, then rubbed them with the tips of my fingers. When I looked up again, the sheep were no longer walking in a line. They’d gathered into groups, assorted by color and size.

The largest sheep, as tall as horses, sat back on their haunches. These sheep were green, shades of lime and sour apple. I trembled at their massive proportions as I counted them—six green giants who appeared to be engaged in conversation. Instinctively, my body pressed backward, harder against the tree, my hands skimming the ground. If the animals weren’t peaceful—

Find out what happens next at Flash Fiction Magazine!

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